Security News Roundup 13/05/14

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May 15, 2014 3:53 pm

Brazil’s world cup security 

Sao Paulo police have been issuing leaflets to world cup fans in Brazil. They are warned to not ‘react, scream or argue with robbers’.

Robberies that lead to homicide have hit a nine year high in Sao Paulo. One cannot help but wonder if Brazil ready for the games.

Solange ‘attacks’ Jay Z: Hotel fires security employee who reportedly sold lift video for $250,000 after five day bidding war

The standard hotel has sacked the security guard who sold the infamous video footage of Solange attacking Jay Z to TMZ for a reported fee of $250,000 (£149,022). The management of the hotel stated his employment contract had been terminated for  “breaching security polices of the hotel and recording the confidential CCTV video”.

They added that they would be turning over “all available information to criminal authorities”. But anyway, some real news…

Bank of England security alert: police search for man who dumped car and ‘walked off’

Bank underground station was closed and the roads sealed off after a car was abandoned in the middle of the street outside The Bank of England. A bomb disposal robot was used to check the vehicle.

Lexi Boddy posted on Twitter: “Guy in car with music blaring. Runs red light. Stops car in intersection & walks off. Police everywhere. Bank station. I called it in to police to describe him. When I left they were creating road block and putting up tape to stop people walking by!”