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October 22, 2013 1:47 pm

We work with well-known Insolvency Practitioners and agents on companies that have gone into administration, securing assets and property on site, whilst also protecting Insolvency Practitioners if they are expected to visit bankrupt individuals.

As a trusted company, we’re often trusted to conduct any additional work, such as facility management, lock changes and boarding & hoarding to set standards. This enables the ease of paying one invoice from one supplier.

Our security officers demonstrate exemplary quality and standards, often reacting at short notice due to the nature of this work. On their behalf, we supply close protection officers, security officers and mobile patrols, as well as CCTV and alarm response.

Due to the evolving nature of sites in administration or vacant sites, security requirements often change once the threat level has reduced, due to the removal of employees on site or the sale of products. We’re flexible enough to adapt to such developments.