Network Rail

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October 22, 2013 1:51 pm

Visual Security Services UK Ltd is identified as a preferred supplier by Network Rail. Our company was independently audited, which highlighted our services and competencies as sector leading.

Visual Security Services UK Ltd standards are now endorsed and used as a benchmark for all security related security.

Our company has been the single supplier for all security services for The Gateway Project in Birmingham, a huge regeneration project totalling in excess of £600m.

Personal Track Safety (PTS) is a system of safer working practices employed within the United Kingdom designed to ensure the safety of railway workers who have to work on or near the line.

The principal hazards include collisions between a rail vehicle and a track worker, electrocution from traction power sources (third rail, fourth rail, OHLE) and trips and falls. The last could compound the other two (e.g. a worker could fall onto an electrified third rail). PTS ensures that rail workers are aware of their surroundings so that they do not enter situations where the aforementioned accidents are likely to occur, are able to move around the line-side safely and are able to react appropriately to circumstances (e.g. the approach of a train)