Security News Roundup 08/04/14

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April 10, 2014 3:55 pm

Kim Jong-un executes security minister by flame-thrower

Yes that’s right, dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered the execution of a security minister by flame-thrower because of links to Kim’s uncle, who was also executed. Jong-un ordered “no trace of him left behind, down to his hair,” according to sources in South Korea.

It’s hard to take this man seriously a lot of the time, but stories like this bring home the fact that he is dangerous, sadistic and must be stopped.

Internet users told to change internet passwords in security alert over ‘catastrophic’ Heartbleed bug

Major technology firms have urged the public to update their internet security. The warning comes after a bug called ‘heartbleed’ was discovered, which is able to bypass computer security. Personal information such as passwords and card details is in jeopardy.

Computer expert Tony McDowell advises that using passwords that are phrases which incorporate numbers and symbols rather than just words, which can be cracked very quickly. ‘A password of ‘name!saBe1la’ would take a year to crack’.

‘Most hackers give up after 24 hours unless it is something they really want to gain access to,’ he added. In addition, a website called LastPass can be used to check which sites have been affected: