Security news roundup 01/05/14

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May 1, 2014 3:53 pm

Burnei to impose extremely harsh punishments 

Capital punishment is a difficult subject and there are cases for both sides of the arugment but most people would agree that The Sultan of Brunei is going a step to far.

Theft will be punished by amputation and adultery by stoning to death. The laws are set to be phased in over 3 years from today.

The AFP news agency quoted the 67 year-old Sultan as announcing: “Today… I place my faith in and am grateful to Allah the almighty to announce that tomorrow, Thursday 1 May 2014, will see the enforcement of Sharia law phase one, to be followed by the other phases.”

Phase one will include much lighter punishments such as fines and prison sentences. With the later phase punishments being much more brutal.

Mayday celebrators prevented from practicing tradition of jumping off bridge by security guards

Thousands of students gathering to celebrate mayday were prevented from jumping off Magdalen Bridge by guards in Oxford.

To be fair there have been several cases of broken and sprained limbs in previous years, although many would argue students should be free to jump if they are that way inclined. Or is it just a silly tradition? What do you think?

Bomb disposal robot arrives in Canary Wharf as streets are locked down in terrorist attack scare

Police officers were called to London’s financial district this morning as a package was allegedly found. Streets were cordoned off and a supposed bomb disposal robot was seen by a witness.

The incident is still being investigated by officers.