Security News Round Up 28/04/14

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April 28, 2014 3:59 pm

One Direction Have Security Team “Bigger than President Obama’s” for Columbia Concert.

Boy band One Direction had a security team “bigger than President Obama’s” to keep the 1Der’s at bay in Columbia (is that a thing now? Probably.)

They reportedly had a small army (200 police officers and bodyguards) and were given ‘hostile environment’ training ahead of their visit.

According to the Daily Mail an insider said: “No risks are being taken. The dangers in some of these countries are very real and that’s why management have arranged the world’s best security teams. There will be no wandering into the city for partying or sightseeing anywhere deemed dangerous – and Colombia is definitely dangerous.”

The terrifying moment when a security officer turns a Zaglebie Lubin fan into a human fireball.

Your standing around, minding your own business, waving a flare around watching you favourite football team when all of a sudden a security guard sprays you with tear gas and sets you on fire. What? That never happened to you?

Well it happened to this unlucky fella while he was watching a Polish top division match between Śląsk Wrocław and Zagłębie Lubin. Amazingly he escaped the incident seemingly unharmed. Check out the video:

Security chains foil burglars in Laindon.

Ah the front door security chain, you have saved the day again. The humble chain prevented burglars breaking in to a house on Markhams Chase at about 2.20am and about an hour later, at 3.15am in Nursery Gardens.

Angie Torrance, station sergeant at Basildon Police Station, said: “The person responsible for these offences was unsuccessful due to the occupants use of security door chains. This simple crime prevention measure has proved to be effective in stopping this offender in their tracks.”