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March 25, 2014 4:50 pm

‘Companies should be forced to admit security breaches’

Labour’s shadow defence secretary Vernon Coaker has stated businesses should be forced to come forward when they have had online security breaches in order to protect national security.

He told an audience at the Royal United Services Institute yesterday: “New types of threat, such as cyber, will increasingly test the resilience of UK critical infrastructure networks. In the face of increasing sophistication, serious questions need to be asked about the nature of the cyber threat facing the UK.”

“Does the concept of deterrence apply in cyber warfare as it does in conventional warfare? And is the MoD doing enough to recruit the skilled people it needs to enhance cyber defence capabilities? Labour has already called on the government to ensure that every company working with the Ministry of Defence (MoD), regardless of its size or the scale of its work, signs up to a cyber-security charter. Building on this, we will also consult on the prospect of creating a statutory requirement for all private companies to report serious cyber-attacks threatening the UK’s national infrastructure.”

Thief threatens to kill store security worker in Chard

A man has received a suspended prison sentence after threatening to stab a security guard to death in Chard.

Robin Bristow stole shampoo and chocolate form a Boots in Chard. He then had a prolonged struggle with the guard, stamping on his feet, headbutting and punching him in the face. He then claimed to have a knife on him and threatened to stab the guard to death.

Mr Bristow appeared in court in Yeovil. He pleaded guilty to stealing shampoo and chocolate worth £11.09 from Boots on January 21 and to assaulting Phillip Harries by beating him. District Judge Matthews stated: “He threatened to stab him to death and Mr Harries did not know at this point if he had a knife or not, although one was never produced,”