Global Security News 03/04/2014

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February 28, 2019 12:39 pm

Patience Perez victim speaks out.

The un-named 15 year old victim of 23 year old school security officer Patience Perez has spoken out against her in an interview with American TV network WTKR. The interview came after a judge told Perez she can avoid jail as long as she has counselling.

Perez took the boy home, gave him alcohol and marijuana and had sex with him. She met him in the hallway of his school, where she gave him her telephone number. ‘Like any other teenager, you would think that you’re the man,’ he said. ‘You got this older female that’s giving you her contact information.’

Perez reportedly told the boy that her husband was physically and verbally abusive and she wanted him dead.

News International security chief ‘would not break law’

The head of security of News International has claimed that he is loyal to his employer but ‘would not commit a crime for anyone’. Mark Hanna told the jury at the phone hacking trail ‘I believe what I did was legal’.